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Good Day

2009-03-28 01:12:16 by RCrap

There was a boy who bought himself a brand new hat. He got it with the idea and intent to wear it to school thus impressing all of his peers. "Mother! Mother! Please buy me that helicopter hat! I'd make so many friends with it!" He said, with a cheerful look on his face.
She bought him the hat.
He went to school the next day thinking he'd be cool but instead everybody made fun of him. Girls called him ugly, boys called him stupid. Then an older child went behind the boy taking his hat.
"Awww Baby lose his hat." said the Bully.
"That's my hat, my mother bought it for me!" Shouted the boy. Then the Bully pushed him down on the ground throwing the glasses right off of his face, and landing on the hard concrete ground. The Bully then snapped the propeller off of the hat and tossed the hat in the filthy trash. The boy began to cry. It hurt him so badly. He went home crying, he went to bed crying, and cried himself to sleep. And he stayed in bed for 4 days straight.

Newgrounds used to be fun to Troll

2008-12-24 01:24:31 by RCrap

Now it's to shitty to troll. Commune of faggots.